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  • GL-008
  • GL-008
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1-High lumen output and high lighting efficacy, To save more than 85% energy.

2-It is widely used in corridors, liners, toilets, kitchens, backyards, basement walls, offices and restaurants, etc.

3-High quality LED chip, the introduction of energy-saving concept, life can be up to 30000hours, no flicker, no mercury, no UV to the classic and fashion together with the design, highlighting the new light.

4-Waterproof plug, elastic, waterproof performance, and better protection of lines and lamps.


Item No. Power Voltage PF Lumen Size IP Temperature Color
GL-008-FT 10W 85-265V ≥0.5 750lm 200x100x46mm IP65 6500K
GL-008-FT 12W 85-265V ≥0.5 900lm 200x100x46mm IP65 6500K
GL-008-FY 10W 85-265V ≥0.5 750lm φ160x48mm IP65 6500K
GL-008-FY 12W 85-265V ≥0.5 900lm φ160x48mm IP65 6500K
GL-008-FY 15W 85-265V ≥0.5 1200lm φ210x54mm IP65 6500K


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