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  • GR1046 Series

    GR1046 Series

    Ultra-thindesignandtheshapeisunique.Aludiecastingmaterialandhigh-techsprayingtechnology,nrrust,nevercorrosion. USingnewtechnologytOenSuretheintegrityOfthefixtureiS good,reliablesealing,waterproof、 Heatdissipationquickly,longlife.  

  • GR1047 Series

    GR1047 Series

    Ultra-thindesignandtheshapeisunique. AIudiecastingmaterialandhigh-techsprayingtechnology, neverrust,nevercorrosion. USingnewtechnologytOenSuretheintegrityOfthefixtureiS good,reliablesealing,waterproof. Heatdissipationquickly,longlife.  

  • GR1041A Series

    GR1041A Series

    SoIar panel: A: 6Vx3W (panel size: 180×155×15mm); B: 6Vx6W (panel size: 190×290×18mm); C: 16V×11W (panelsize: 350×251x18mm). Battery: A:18650 lithium battery 3.7V/4000mAh〈2000mAh×2pcs); B: 18650 lithium battery 3.7V/6000mAh(2000mAh×3pcs); C: 18650 lithium battery 11.1V/12000mAh(2000mAhx6pcs). Lighting mode: light sensor and ON/OFF. Lighting time: 8-9 hours. Charging time: 6-8 hours by bright sunlight. Wire cable: 5 meters high quality wire cable.

  • GR1119 Series

    GR1119 Series

    Use solar power, no cable, convenient. Using lithium iron phosthate battery to extend the service life. Charging time: 3 or 4 hours. Working time: 3 rainy days.

  • GR1143 Series

    GR1143 Series

    FashionabIe and modern appearance. Better heat radiation systems. Toughened glass,high strength,impact resistence. high refection index anodized aluminum.  

  • GR1141 Series

    GR1141 Series

    Fashionable and modern appearance. Better heat radiation systems. Toughened glass, high strength, impact resistence. high refection index anodized aluminum.

  • GR1210 Series

    GR1210 Series

    Fashion UFO  Design. Ultra-compact size, much smaller than traditional high bay lights. Durable. Efficient cooling structure, much longer lifetime and quality of the high-power product is guaranteed. Save electricity bill. Replace HPS or MH. Save over 50% on electricity bill of lighting. Maintenance Free. Extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency. Excellent appearance. Rugged die-cast aluminum, scratch and fade resistant Widely used. Ideal for commercial or industrial lighting.

  • GR1310 Series

    GR1310 Series

    Modular design. Using 1070 pure aluminum material, good heat dissipation, lighter weight, extend the service life of the light source. Multi lens design. 180 degree adjustable bracket, 13 angle adjustment point.  

  • GR1316 Series

    GR1316 Series

    High strength Aluminium die casting material,Surface anti—aging electrostatic Spray processing, super resistance to corrosion. PCcover,high strength impact resistance. lnput VoItage: AC110-277V,50/60Hz,1P66,1K08 Bracket: 76mm

Recommend Products



1-Isolated Driver, non-isolated driver available; 2-No mercury, enviromental protection; 3-The super-thin design: only 13mm thick; 4-Aluminium frame with good heat conduction; 5-Eco-friendly, energy-saving and high luminous efficacy; 6-Instant start, no flickering, no humming; 7-No electric wave; 8-Installation way: recessed, mounted or suspended by fixing bracket on the back.



1-Aluminium frame with good heat conduction; 2-Matched with constant current driver; 3-Eco-friendly, energy-saving and high luminous efficacy; 4-No flickering, no humming; 5-No electric wave; 6-Installation way: Recessed, mounted or suspended by fixing bracket on the back; 7-Very easy to instal. Can instal it on wall or any surface place.



1-High brightness SMD LED chip; 2-High light conducting efficiency and more even and soft light distribution; 3-Wide voltage, wide frequency range constant current circuit; 4-Laser engraving LGP, more than 95% diffusion plate, lighting homogeneity is effectively improved; 5-Convenient installation methods: suspended, surface mounted and built-in; 6-Junction temperature of LED is controlled in ideal range (TJ<60°C,ambient temperature Ta=25°C); 7-Brightness decay less than 5% after 3 years&#...



1-Good heat dissipation: stable body, aluminum housing, aluminum print circuit board; 2-Isolated driver, input voltage: AC100-240V/50-60Hz, the voltage is avaliable for different countries request; 3-No UV light to avoid insects around; 4-Low heat, high brightness, and works well under harsh conditions; 5-This light is the most widely used light, can be applied to both indoor and outdoor.



1.Directly installing, no modification, no need rewire; 2.Running without ballast and starter, instant start, no flickering, no humming; 3.Thickened 0.9mm aluminum radiator for heat dissipation; 4.Energy saving up to 80% high intensity; 5.Inner power efficiency more than 87%; 6.Heat protection systerm, can work under unstable voltage;



1.Waterproof, dustproof and blastproof; 2.Suit both indoor and outdoor uses; 3.Without opening the lampshade for direct wiring; 4.All kinds of ways to install: lifting or back installation;



1-LED Bulb low heat, low thermal resistance, steady lighting, high brightness and CRI; 2-Body with excellent thermal managing design; 3-Ultra energy efficient, easy installation; 4-Anti-shock, anti-moisture, no RF interference; 5-Longevity of service and minimal maintenance; 6-Energy-saving, environment friendly, and save 80% of energy compared with incandescent bulb.



1.Easy installation; 2.High shock& vibration resistance; 3.Moisture resistant; 4.No buzzing, no FIickering, no mercury/ poisons; 5.No radio frequency interference; 6.EnvironmentaIIy friendly; 7.Beam angle is 360°; 8.The glass cover can be: clear, frost, white.


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